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Wooden flooring company in Dubai, UAE!

Just spare a few minutes of your time and imagine your home or office space with an elegant flooring. It will completely change the look and feel of your space by adding an unparalleled richness to your interiors. As the leading provider of quality wooden flooring in Dubai, we provide our customers with high quality wooden flooring and tile flooring solutions at an affordable cost and efficient service. Over the years, we have developed an exclusive range of wooden flooring placing great emphasis on functionality and quality, so you receive high quality products at a relatively reasonable price. Our products and solutions are not only limited to residential homes, rather, we extend our services to office spaces, hotels, and any other premise requiring wooden flooring in Dubai.

Wooden Flooring Services at it's Best

At MI Empire, our group of professionals with years of experience in wood flooring can work on a project of any size. We try our ultimate best to deliver projects on time with our highly skilled staff working round the clock to meet all your specified requirements. Being the ‘one stop shop’ for wooden flooring in Dubai, we deal with numerous, specialized supplies and tools such as Nailing Machines, Wood Flooring Glues, Primers, Oils, Cleaners, Lacquers, Sanding Machines etc. All that you require from the initial stage of preparation of the subfloor (primers) to installation and finishes (adhesives, lacquers and oils) to post installation maintenance, can be found at MIEE.


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As one of the most trusted wooden flooring companies in Dubai, you can always count on our team of skilled professionals to help guide you and find quick, reliable wooden flooring solutions. Your comfort is our ultimate goal, and we continuously seek to find new flooring solutions that will create extraordinary experiences for our customers. Choose MIEE today to bring the beauty, value and warmth of wood flooring into your space.

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