Google Ads and PPC Advertising Agency In Dubai

We have vast experience in the digital marketing industry to understand that Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google AdWords are an effective and popular way to raise online presence while also gaining some revenue. These are part of the holy grail of advertising. PPC adverts are usually the best approach to the high roller, customers who will follow the link and spend big on your site. At 202 Media Events, we have effectively provided our industry-leading PPC management services to many customers who have stuck around and are happy with our services.

Google Ads/ PPC Advertising Service in Dubai

Pay Per Click advertising is part of the most effective forms of digital marketing used and trusted even by Google themselves. The reason for such popularity is because as the name suggests; if you place an advert, you only get charged once a site visitor clicks the advert. One payment per click.

Why Your Business needs Google Ads in Dubai

As an advanced and certified PPC agency in Dubai, we recommend you to have a well defined Google ads marketing plan to boost your business growth in Dubai. Compared to all other traditional marketing channels Google ads is a great marketing channel that you can use to promote your business online and drive more leads and sales by placing ads before your customer. The major factors is its measurable feature, in Google ads you can easily measure what is working and what is not working, how much is your spend and conversion against your spend amount. Also Google ads much faster than all other marketing channels, while SEO takes quite long time to get the intended results compared to Google ads. Also Google ads let you to target a specific set of audience that are closely related to your product or services. Compared to traditional marketing channels like TV, billboards, and radio ads you can easily target your audience from a broad range and also you will have full control over your budget.

We are a competent PPC advertising company with knowledge and tools that place our expertise way ahead of other digital marketing companies in Dubai. We have used Pay Per Click services for our own products and for our clients as well. Since the advertiser only gets billed once the advert receives a click, this system is cost-saving. It is not like the traditional methods of placing ads on billboards and paying the full price whether or not you get any hits.

Our custom tailored user targeted Google ads campaigns will helps you meet your business goals and to get the maximum ROI. Following are the few of our past customer goals we have achieved through executing strategically planned google ads campaigns;

  1. Drive online sales, in app, by phone, or in store
  2. Get more interactions and installs for your app
  3. Get your potential customer to visit your website
  4. Endorse users to explore your services or products
  5. Reach a broad audience and build awareness

Best PPC Management Service from Leading Google Ads Agency in Dubai

As Google certified Google ads agency in Dubai with a team of professional holds individual Google ads certification, we 202 Media & Events help our clients achieve success in online advertising with custom tailored PPC strategies and campaigns. Based on your goals and business model our specialists will choose the right medium to deliver your message and engage your potential audience. Below are some of the ad categories which we will help you with;

Google Search Ads

Google search ads referred to text ads that appear on the top of the search results of Google, these search ads are only for search network only, it will not be displayed anywhere in the internet. Search ads campaign will let you show your ads to users searching online for products or services like yours. The search ads are working on the basis of keywords which are used by users on searching to find similar products or services.

Display Ads

Google display ads are also known as banner ads, which a better form of online advertising using banners or other ads formats such as gifs, short videos, etc to deliver brand messages or general advertisement about product or services of a business.

YouTube Ads/Video Ads

Video ads is one of a kind online advertising medium which we can run video ads and attain the attention of your targeted audience. As we are in a fast paced technological era YouTube is one of the biggest video platform where business can showcase their business and deliver your brand message with a high impact video advertising campaign.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads is a form of online advertising that enables advertisers to place ads in websites to show targeted ads to users who previously visited your website, to influence them in their buyer journey and drive them back to your website. With remarketing ads your past will see ads with tailored messages while they watch YouTube videos, browsing through news website and etc.

Shopping Ads

Google shopping ad is a type ad format shows at the top of Google search results with snippet contains detailed information about products that you sell online. The shopping ads consist of your product details such as Image, price, name and it directly redirect the user to your online portal when he or she clicks on an ad.

App Promotion

Google app promotion ads will let you advertise your app on Google search network, YouTube, the Display network, on other apps and Google play store to drive more app downloads. This will let you grow your app business and it is considered as one of the most effective ways to market your mapp across your business territory.

Get in touch with us for a chance to propel your business to greater heights. We will provide you with a PPC consultant who will work with you to create banner and text adverts online. Just like Google, we focus on search intent and develop a customised advert.

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