Domain Registration & Hosting Company In Dubai

A domain name is simply the URL/name of your company website. The name needs to be registered and also be unique, as it cannot be similar to any other website name that exists. Domain names once registered need to be renewed to confirm they are still functioning. At 202 Media and Events, we not only create a seamless and smart website design, but we register the domain name and host it for you too. Whether you’re a large or small business, our website hosting and domain name registration services in Dubai offer packages suitable for a business of any size. We take the burden of going through registration and renewal processes, get the best prices and domain name for your company website along with web hosting.

Domain Name Registration Services in Dubai

Our team of professionals at 202 will be there to guide you and help with the selection process of your domain name, and which suffixes, example - .com .org .ae .gov, etc. would be most suitable. We provide the tools and expertise to check for available domain names for your business, then register and secure it for you. We acquire domain names even before you are ready to launch your website. We purchase and save it for when your company is prepared with a designed website and a go for launch.

Our Domain registration services Include:

  • Domain name registration for new website
  • Renewal of domains for existing website
  • Domain server updates
  • Domain name registration transfer from one register to another
  • Domain name transfer from one customer to another

Web Hosting in Dubai

Including domain name registration we offer our web hosting services with the help of our technology and team that make the website viewable to the audiences you want to target and store it securely on our servers. We are among the innovative web hosting and web design companies in Dubai where we offer tools and services to help you efficiently manage your site where you can upload or make any changes as you please.

We only promise you the best as we guarantee.

  • Security – We prioritise security of our servers and always updating our security measures
  • Speed and Storage – We are capable of storing your website data while also having faster loading speeds
  • Support – We are always driven to help guide you and help you with your website operations and management.

We are reliable and will always offer you the best web hosting and domain name registration services in Dubai that will fulfill and complete your online marketing needs.

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