What Made Us The Best Branding Agency in Dubai

Everything we share leaves a digital footprint, and your company does the very same. As you establish your business, people will associate you with the digital footprints you leave behind. In the digital world, people are fast to label things, but if your business has a well-established brand, customers will trust you more.
As 202 Media & Events is well renowned and leading branding agency in Dubai, we understand the importance of developing not only a strong corporate brand but one that truly defines you. Our only aim is to represent your brand in its entirety while also staying ahead of your competitors.

Where Your
Brand Matters

It’s easier to stand out from the crowd than to be remembered by them. That’s what we want for you, to not only stand out but to be remembered, recognised and valued by your brand reputation. From the hundreds of branding agencies in Dubai we take creative ingenuity a notch higher. Everything we do to build your brand from scratch stems from creativity and professional experience.


This is How We
Mould Your Brand

Our work process includes all your requirement which involves your business's goal and mission, conducting both primary and secondary research to understand your audience and industry and deploying the best brand image for you curated by us. We don’t treat your brand as a mere product like most branding companies in Dubai but treat it as your identity where we can make you grow exponentially and create a strong presence.

Logo Designing

A logo is the visual representation of your business, which means it needs to showcase uniqueness and out of the box design while also being relevant to your business. We at 202 excel at logo designing in Dubai with our team of graphic designers ready, bursting with creative minds that brainstorm custom logos for your business. Keeping your brief in mind, we make something that truly represents you.

Corporate Identity

We have services even for your most basic digital branding needs. Corporate branding in Dubai is not complete without having creatively designed business cards, letterheads, flyers, etc. with overall high-quality digital printing. We provide printing solutions tailored to your needs and representative of your brand identity.

Digital Marketing

At 202, we encompass all aspects of of digital marketing, whether it be creating a website, a Social media campaigns, SEO services, the list goes on; we have what your business needs to reach its full potential. We have industry focused digital marketing strategies that are customized to what your requirements are and together we can build a roadmap to your success and digital growth.

Packaging Designs

There are thousands of people who solely buy products due to extraordinary package design in Dubai, especially when it is related to products like cosmetics or perfumes. We understand that packaging is the first thing people see and therefore needs to grab a customer or potential customer’s attention almost immediately. We consider factors such as convince, typography, aesthetic and colours. We design packages that make people want to share it with others which grows your reach and increases your brand identity.

Company Profile & Brochures

We understand how to keep people’s attention by creating company profiles and brochure designs for your business. Where they not only are aesthetically pleasing but look professional and give off the perfect first impression. Our forte lies in creative but smart design. We first understand your business processes, and then put our creativity to work that showcase a well-built company profile and a brochure design that leaves people wanting to know more. .

Marketing & Promotional Material

We aim to market and promote your brand in a way that stands out by creating Social media posts using visually appealing and relevant graphics, hashtags and interesting content to go along with it. We at 202 are a top branding agency in Dubai where we come up with strategies and custom tailored marketing plans that greatly increases your brand awareness.

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